Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wishes for November 2007

Welcome to the Wish Project, a blog aimed at adding strength and energy to individual wishes as well as bringing community together.

  • Anyone can leave a wish about anything (click here to read about how you can add your own wish).
  • If you do leave a wish, all I ask is that you come back here from time to time to read other people's wishes and add your good energy to their thoughts.
  • If you can help someone achieve their wish, contact them via their blog or linked email address. If there is no contact information, send me an email at and I will try to get you in touch with them.
  • I wish to find peace and understanding that my decision to stop ttc after 3 miscarriages and multiple health issues and 3+ years of actively ttc- that I have made the right decision, that I am not being selfish- these were dreams too (from The Journey to a Happy Healthier Me...)
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November's Good Messages

Did you read a wish this month that touched your heart? Do you want to leave a message for any of the November Wishers? Please place a note in the comment section and it will be moved into the body of this post as soon as possible.

  • JJ, I hope peace finds you soon. Hearing announcements is always so hard (Kristen).
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