Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wishes for November 2007

Welcome to the Wish Project, a blog aimed at adding strength and energy to individual wishes as well as bringing community together.

  • Anyone can leave a wish about anything (click here to read about how you can add your own wish).
  • If you do leave a wish, all I ask is that you come back here from time to time to read other people's wishes and add your good energy to their thoughts.
  • If you can help someone achieve their wish, contact them via their blog or linked email address. If there is no contact information, send me an email at and I will try to get you in touch with them.
  • I wish to find peace and understanding that my decision to stop ttc after 3 miscarriages and multiple health issues and 3+ years of actively ttc- that I have made the right decision, that I am not being selfish- these were dreams too (from The Journey to a Happy Healthier Me...)
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Kristen said...

I wish for this pregnancy to lead to a live baby coming home in August.

vanessaaleji said...

I wish for Mandy's friend Kristen to get her wish.

I also wish my life would finally make some sense, and that I'd find my purpose in life. I'd like to feel some sense of certainty that one day, I'll get to marry Ryan, and experience pregnancy and parenthood the way it's meant to be shared. The first time around was with someone so completely and utterly unworthy of our blessing, and every day that passes, I look at my beautiful daughter's face, knowing it's my fault she ended up having such a horrible father. I've chosen so much more wisely this time around, my love. I hope my SD loses all interest, and you can one day be adopted by the man who loves us both more than a mom could even dream. If I ever have more children, it's going to be with someone deserving of a child's love.


I wish for my migraines to get under control- that my new doctor can help me find relief from this chronic pain and frustration that I am trying to live with every day. I hope that my job will continue to be understanding and work with me while we try to find something that works to take away the pain but that also allows me to function safely and do my job. I want to find a balance so that I can be happy and healthy and be in pain all the time.


My wish for March is that I am able to continue to find balance in my treatment- find peace in my life and get my husband to understand that I am trying my best to get better.
I also wish that I am able to return to work soon- that I am able to do so safely and be happy with where I am until I am able to find a new position where I will feel the same passion for nursing that I once felt- that I can get out of this depression and be happy again.

Anonymous said...

I wish for all of my wishes to come true so i can finally have the life i want please let my wish come true

Anonymous said...

Everything that could go wrong went wrong and I really want to fix it. I've been trying to fix this for years and it only got worse. Theres no way I fix this with just one wish, so please let all of my wishes come true. I really need them to.

Kristin said...

THIS IS MY WISH: (What a beautiful concept for a blog btw!)
Hello! I know you don't know me, but we've got something in common. I got your blog address off the Stirrup Queen's blogroll and was wondering if you wouldn't mind helping me help a couple who is trying to add a little one to their family. We're holding a silent auction for them this weekend (Friday and Saturday) on and need help getting the word out! We would love it if you would spread the word via social media or here on your blog. Additionally, we are always looking for more donations to auction off, so if you or someone you know might be interested in making a donation, all the information is under the donate tab. If you have any questions or would be willing to post a pre-written blog post about the auction and the sponsored couple, please contact Kristin at Thanks in advance for taking the time to consider this!

Anonymous said...

I wish D would love me with all his heart and be with me